What kids wanted in their "Wish List" app (#3)

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What kids wanted in their “Wish List” app

In our first real brainstorming session, the students told me what they thought the app should include. About 20 students came to class. We discussed how its important to write down every idea, and then select which ideas should go into the initial version.
I explained how “Version One” of an app should have the minimal set of features to make the app viable. It’s easy to add new features to an app; its not easy to determine what’s important for Version One, and what’s not.
Remember – the purpose of the app is for children to be able to create a “Wish List” for their birthday or holiday. They would add items to their wish list, change the order of items until the list is perfect, and then send the list to their parents.
So here’s what they thought of:
– little characters next to a help button
– password profiles
– game like Tiny Farm with goals, levels and lists
– interactive game
– voice control for iPhone 4S & up
– design their own shoe (like Nike)
– toy of the day
– “similar toy” search
– interact with friends
– avatar of themself
– categories of toys
– search, get a picture and download
– most popular toy of the week
– link of the toy to send to parents
– online registry of links
– instagram connection
– hairstyle of the day
– social network featuers
– tickets to stuff (concerts, etc.)
– digital giftcards
– download music
– scan barcode of toys
– parental control password
– block bad users
– draw your own picture of something
– scan yourself
– free trial of games
– online gift registry
– friends & their pictures
– friend can buy toy for you, as a gift, with a button push
– see what your friends want
– my top 4 toys
– priceline for toys
– angry-bird like interaction
– take picture of what you want, and see all stores where that toy is sold
– rate toys 1-10
– have the seach include price or price range
They also started their initial naming of the app. They came up with these on the same day:
We clearly have a lot of work ahead of us.
This blog describes how 5th-8th grade students helped build the free iPhone/iPad/iPod app WishToList; info at WishToList.com

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