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IEP Process :  ECC Games for Visually Impaired Students

IEP Goals is our new company where we are building ECC games and interactive simulations for vision impaired students, based on a child’s Individual Educational Plan.
The student’s advancement in acquiring skills in our curriculum-based games and interactive simulations are maintained in a private secure cloud, visible to the school team in a web-based dashboard .
If you are a O&M , click for additional information on using these types of games as part of maximizing student outcomes, relating to their 
IEP Goals

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The goal for today’s class was to take all of the features and categorize them: what’s at the top level, and what’s at the sub-level.
For example, “ADD TO WISHLIST” is considered at top-level menu item, but ADD BY SEARCHING ON THE WEB, ADD WITH CAMERA and ADD FROM PHOTO GALLERY are considered sub-level menu items.
As before, most of the suggestions started off by what the kids knew about other apps, such as Instagram. When we discussed how to invite friends (and which sub-menu items are needed), they suggested – “Let’s do a shoutout” – “Wait – since the app is about wishlists, let’s do a wishout”. That opened up the idea of linking in to other apps – give kids a way to invite friends via Instagram, or post their wishlist to Instagram.
We continued down this path for a while, and the app was starting to become real to the kids, and the class took on a new tone. They began discussing how their parents would view their wishlist. Some said that their parents would just ignore the list, others thought that it should have a budgeting feature so they don’t ask for more than their parents can provide and some thought it have limits on the number of gifts you can ask for.
That lead them to including prioritization of gifts in their list, and include special notes to their parents about why getting a specific gift is important to them. The kids were turning this idea into a great app.
This blog describes how 5th-8th grade students helped build the free iPhone/iPad/iPod app WishToList; info at

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