Colorful backgrounds


A few days later, I implemented the colorful backgrounds (about a dozen patterns, and about two dozen color choices), and showed it to the students. I thought some of the patterns were too distracting from the text on that screen, but the kids loved it. They asked for the ability to add their own backgrounds – maybe in a future version.

The students were concerned that the app needed an FAQ section. They wanted a “search-based” help – type in some words, and then it returns help related to the query. While that’s a good idea, I felt its important for the app to be self-evident, and not require help. The best apps don’t need any help; some have an introductory video (like Angry Birds).

One student was concerned that his little sister would mess with his wish list, so he wanted to password protect the app with a login. The design of a login screen doesn’t take much time, but it opens up lots of other questions: what happens when you forget your password, what do you do if you don’t have an email address to send the password to, should your parents have access to your list if they don’t have your password, and so on. I decided to push that feature out to a future version.

We weren’t making much progress on the points I needed to cover, and only a handful of students attended that day, so I moved on to an easier topic: name of the app. We still didn’t have a name, and we needed one. Here are some they came up with:


Nothing that great, but it was a start. When I checked, most of them were used by other apps, or the domain name (website) was unavailable.

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