Third Demo


First we demo-ed the initial user experience – what happens after its first installed. They hated it, and complained that it was too long, and they would reject the app. The said that an app that asks for their parent’s email (which the app does need, to be able to send the wishlist to the parent), was not an app they would play with.

To solve this, for each screen, we voted on whether to simply eliminate the screen altogether, or to delay the screen until that information was needed.

For example, we decided to not ask for the parent’s email at the start, but ask for it only when they are ready to send their wishlist to the parent.

Similarly, we eliminated the password screen, and only ask for a password after a few days. The app really only needs a password when it is reinstalled (on the same or different device).

The liked the screen that asks for the app’s colors, and icon and username, but they didn’t like the help text screen. It was too wordy. They said all help should be videos, since kids get bored in reading several paragraphs of text. Any screen that needed help on it should have a question mark somewhere on the screen that displays the corresponding video.

The students didn’t like the buttons on the top bar when searching for toys:


The symbols on the top bar were confusing (go back, hide) – they wanted words on the buttons, not a mix of icons and words.

That wrapped up the demo – lots of work for me to make those changes, but the the app’s getting closer and closer to “done”.

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