While I was working on the changes the students ask for, we started talking about notifications: what did the app need to notify kids about, and how would it notify them.

We came up with the following list – the app would send notifications for the following:

  • When a friend comments on your wish list
  • When a friend adds new items to their wish list
  • When a friend accepts your “friend” request
  • When a friend’s birthday is coming

The last item requires the app to ask for the child’s birthday (month & day – not year), but its delayed until the child has used the app for at a week. This avoids the child from having to fill out another “boring” screen when the app is first installed.

We also created an INBOX where any messages (from a friend, or from WishToList – such as a birthday notice) – would appear in the INBOX. If the app is running, the red badge would appear on the INBOX icon at the bottom of the screen. If the app was not running, it would appear (using the standard iPhone manner) as a small circular red badge on the app’s icon on the iPhone Home Screen.

The students came up with ideas such as a countdown of the days before christmas or hannukah or kwanza, and maybe even allow the wish list to be sent to Santa Claus. We’ll reserve those for a future version.

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