Creating the Intro Video


As I was resolving the bugs, we started creating the intro movie. We used the FURBY toy since most kids knew what it was (bad decision), but it made the movie quite cute. Here’s the intro video in full:

Click here for the first video: WishToList Furby Video

Everyone liked the video (teachers, students, parents, etc.), but older kids (10+) did not identify with the app, since it was focused on a toy designed for younger kids.

We spent part of one class discussing which toy would be appropriate for all age groups – the only consistent answer (other than an iPad0 was a gaming console, so we selected the Wii (since its less expensive than an xBox).

When the app starts up, it shows two toys (with the words “What do you like?”). If you select the picture of the Furby, it shows the above video. If you select the Wii, it shows a video for older kids.

Click here for the older kid video: WishToList Wii Video

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