Blindfold Racer: A racing game for blind people?

I put this challenge to the students: How would we build a racing game for blind kids?

Focusing on the iPad and the iPhone, they came up with that it would have sound and would vibrate, if you turned the iPad left, the car would move to the left (and vice-versa), and the goal would be to stay on the road.

Several of the students kept describing what would be on the screen, until other students would explain that since a blind person can’t see the screen, what’s on the screen doesn’t matter – it should be black.

We decided to run an experiment in class. One student would be the driver – she would close her eyes, and two other students were the left and right fences on the road. The driver had to get from the starting line to the finish line without bumping into either student “fence”. If she was about to hit the side of the road, the student fence would yell “crash”.

As she pretended to drive the car (by walking with her eyes closed), I drew her path on the whiteboard. She crashed into the fence about a dozen times, but the students understood the principals of the game. Now we can build it.

Students pretending to be a car

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