Blindfold Racer: Auditory Learning? (#29)

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The student’s progression in learning skills in these ECC-based games will be preserved in a private secure cloud, visible to the IEP team in a web-based console . 
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Blindfold Racer: Auditory Learning?

I joked with the students that if the screen was dark (blank) while they played the game, and they used ear-buds or headphones to listen to the game, then they could play the game in their bedroom at night, and their parents would never know. They liked that.
A teacher who happened to be in the back of the classroom overheard us, and said “You know how else you can spin this? For anyone who has any sort of auditory learning disability – this would be a way to improve it.” We’ll need to think about other uses for the game once we’re all done.
The first step to laying out the game was to try to figure out how fast the car would move and turn. We ran experiments with the students, where they would count – one second at a time – while I moved a pretend car (a whiteboard eraser) around a pretend track (on the whiteboard).

We came up with general game rules:

  • It should take 3-5 seconds to make a full right turn
  • The iPhone or iPad should vibrate when you crash
  • The left and right fences will play music so you know how close you are
  • It should start beeping when you get close to the fence
  • When you crash into the fence it should make a crashing sound
  • There needs to be a tutorial at the beginning of the game
  • We will use tapping of the screen to control the game: once to start, twice for a tutorial, three times to reset the game, etc.

This was a pretty good start to get the feel of the game, but we have a long way to go.

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