Blindfold Racer: What does the road look like?

Many of the sighted players wanted to cheat – they wanted to be able to see the road; if not while they were playing, then at least after the level was over.

Since we had to keep the game fair for both sighted and visually impaired people, we needed a way to show them the road in a fully accessible manner. After the level is over, you can tap in the bottom center of the screen, and bring up a screen to show you the road, and what’s on the road.

For visually impaired people, we created a “braille” mode in this screen. As you slide your finger left and right, up and down on the screen, you will hear either white noise – meaning your finger is off the road, or you will hear a sonar “ping” sound – meaning your finger is on the road.

When you touch an animal or prize on the road, the game tells you the name of the item:

Using this screen, visually impaired or sighted people can make a mental map of the road to improve their score when they play that level again.

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