Blindfold Racer: Lighthouse for the Blind, Miami

My colleagues were strongly suggesting that I test the app with visually impaired people, since I really needed their opinion. I had no idea how the game would be received.

Emily at Lighthouse for the Blind (Miami), met with me, and agreed to let me test it on a Saturday when many of the blind and visually impaired teens come to the center. I staged about 10 iPads with the game, and after lunch, the teens started playing the game.

It was quite a hit, so I asked them to come up with a name. The best one was Blindfold Racer, so that’s what we’re using.

One of the blind teens asked me if the screen is dark (you can see how it looks in the above photo). I told him it was, and he told me that’s a bad idea. Sighted people will think their iPad is broken if the screen is dark. He suggested we put something on the screen while it’s being played.

There were several other suggestions – enough that took about 2 more months of programming effort.

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