Blindfold Racer: Cartoons

Blindfold Racer is designed to be fun, so we needed fun pictures to put on the screen so sighted people have something to look at.

One of the students at The Cushman School in Miami (where this all started) is a good artist, so I asked her to create cartoons to appear during the tutorial. I sketched what I wanted (in Batman Zap-Wham style), and here are some of her drawings that we use:

She also did a set of drawings for the iTunes App Store. Since the screen (for the most part) is dark, there’s not much to show. Instead our screenshots for the App Store give the feeling of playing the game.

When I tested the app – with these pictures – with sighted adults, they had a lot more patience when listening to the tutorial. Sighted adults seem to lose interest if they have nothing to look at. Sighted children, on the other hand, didn’t need the pictures to maintain their interest.

We will probably have to add more visual stimulation to the game on other screens as well.

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