Blindfold Racer: Lighthouse for the Blind, Broward (#42)

IEP Objectives :  Expanded Core Curriculum Games for Visually Impaired Students

IEP Plan is our new company where we are building ECC games and interactive simulations for visually impaired students, based on the student’s IEP . 
The child’s progress in acquiring skills in our ECC-based games and interactive simulations are maintained in a private secure cloud, available to the teachers in a web-based console . 
If you are a Special Ed Teacher , press for additional information on trying these types of games as part of maximizing student outcomes, relating to their 
IEP Individual Educational Plan

Lighthouse for the Blind

With all of the changes that the first group of visually impaired teens came up with, we were ready to test again.
This time we invited a group of students from Lighthouse for the Blind, Broward to the Cushman School on a Saturday, along with the participating students and their parents. Again, the teens loved the game. Here are some pictures:

The girl facing the camera in this photo was the one who said “I can’t wait to play against my sighted friends. I will so beat them!”.

One of the girls was deaf in one ear, and she wasn’t able to play the game. We haven’t figured out how to make the game accessible to some who can’t see and can only hear on one ear:

Like other groups who tested the game, the teens had some great suggestions, so we spent the next few weeks discussing and implementing them.

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