Blindfold Racer: Lighthouse Miami, 2nd Visit

We wanted to go back to the first Lighthouse we visited to show the teens how we had improved the game, and implemented their ideas.

We set up about six iPads, and the students in our app club handed them out. The teens took to the app right away, and quickly finished a dozen levels. Here are some photos:

These teens thought we should build more games like this one, and they wanted a game that would be similar to Flappy Bird – where you keep driving down a road, and the entire game ends as soon as you make a mistake. They thought that would be very cool, and very addicting.

We’re getting very close to submitting the game to the iTunes App Store. The only thing needed now is to test out the last set of levels (levels 25-35) that haven’t had much testing, and ensure that the game has a “finished” feel to it.

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