Blindfold Racer: Rejected

As usual, Apple rejected the app the first time through. Having created many apps before, this was no surprise.

The rejection was due to some COPPA violations (we didn’t have a Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) statement on our website, and we had one or two unintentional “coding violations”. We fixed those and resubmitted, and it was accepted.

If you look closely at the screen in this picture (taken at the Lighthouse)

you can see that the screen is mostly black, with some icons in the four corners of the screen. For a blind person, that doesn’t matter, but for a sighted person, that’s pretty boring. We want the app to be exciting for both groups, so we had to make the screen more compelling.

We chose a road sign theme for the icons, such as:

This icon is in the upper right corner, and brings up the settings screen. We designed a settings screen that works without voice-over. The full screen on an iPhone looks like:

and is similar on an iPad. The Braille mode button tells the game player how the game works, and what gestures they can use, and where the buttons are located. All of the screens follow the same pattern in the app: Braille mode button in the upper left corner.

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