Blindfold Racer: Suggestions from AppleVis (#56)

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Suggestions from AppleVis

In the first week that Blindfold Racer was mentioned on AppleVis, we had about 500 downloads and about 30 people gave us feedback.
All of them wanted us to support voice-over in the SETTINGS screen, found a bug in the level where you have to feed a troll popcorn or soda, and had assorted suggestions on making the app better.
There was a large discussion between using music tracks (for the fence sound), or to hear engine noise. Gamers that wanted a more realistic game wanted engine noise, where the speed of the car is reflected by the pitch of the engine noise. We’ll try that, but I think it will make the game less fun. Although named Blindfold Racer, it’s really more a driving and puzzle solving game, than a racing game.
The gamers (mostly visually impaired) were annoyed at the “slow pace” of the first few levels. After each event – hitting a fence, avoiding an animal, etc. – the game pauses and tells you what happened. We had to do that for sighted people – they just didn’t learn as fast. In the next update, we’ll let gamers who have played audio games before bypass the “slower pace”, and get the to fun parts of the game faster.
Thanks to those gamers that have given me feedback. Little things – like detecting Bluetooth headphones, or suggestions to change faster/slower from “thumb tapping” to swipes – is what will make this game great. We are working on a new version that will include all of those ideas, and much more, and hope to release the new version in August.

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