Music by Mozart

One of the goals when we designed Blindfold Racer was to introduce children and teens to different music genres besides the typical top 40 that many listen to.

Many gamers told me they like the music selection, and now we’re beginning to get queries as to what specific music piece is heard for certain tracks. The latest question asked about the track with a cow standing in the middle of the road. The music is Mozart’s Turkish March, and here’s a brief snippet:

The game has different music for each level that we’ve preselected as the best match for the course, with selections from classical, rock, reggae, pop, world, country, Broadway and others. I’m glad that Blindfold Racer is exposing some gamers to new music styles.

Other gamers asked for the ability to pick their own music. In the newest version, you can select music tracks from your iTunes library, and hear it (as the fence sound) while driving.

By the way, the Turkish March has special meaning to our family; my daughter – the voice you hear in Blindfold Racer – heard it when she was just a baby. She used to sit in front of the TV and watch the video “Baby Mozart”. On the TV she would see tiny toy penguins climb up a stairway and then roll down a ramp, while hearing the Mozart’s Turkish March. She could watch this video for hours. The video was so hypnotizing that once when several guests came to visit, they looked at what my daughter was watching on TV. After a while, there were five adults completely mesmerized: watching the penguins and listening to Mozart.

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