Presenting at CCVIP (#70)

IEP Goals :  Expanded Core Curriculum Games for Visually Impaired Students

IEP Education is our new organization where we are building Expanded Core Curriculum interactive simulations for visually impaired students, based on the child’s IEP . 
The student’s progression in learning skills in these curriculum-based games are preserved in a private secure cloud, accessible to the school IEP team  in a web-based console . 
If you are a Orientation and Mobility specialist , press for more information on trying these types of games as part of maximizing student outcomes, relating to their 
IEP Process

Presenting at CCVIP

Sherry Mazzocchi at the Computer Center For Visually Impaired People at Baruch College in New York City asked me to present at their conference in a workshop entitled “Let’s Play”.
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Their events are free and are generally attended by visually impaired people in the greater NYC community, and the local TV station – NY1 – publicized it prior to the event. They planned on two sessions—one in the afternoon and another in the evening – the evening session would also have teens; some teens are thinking about careers in game development. I would present via Skype and Gus Chalkias – a blind gamer – would host my session.
Gus talked about several games – going from Audio Archery and Ear Monsters (simple audio games) to Zompocalypse (use weapons to fight zombies after the apocalypse) to Blindfold Racer and finally Papa Sangre (odyssey game).
In the afternoon session, I spoke about why we built the game (app class for grade & middle school sighted children), and how we tested it (Lighthouse for the Blind, VA Med Center), and what’s planned for the future (more levels of tracks, more levels of puzzles).
The evening session had many more attendees, and they asked lots of great questions. I spoke about some of the new games we’re building (games inspired by Flabby Bird and Frogger) and how I’m looking for more visually impaired gamers to collaborate with. I also mentioned the Blindfold Sudoku and Cryptogram games that will be released soon.
Gus’s demonstration of Blindfold Racer is here:

My talk that preceded Gus’s demo is here:


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