What's new with the Blindfold Games (#79)

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ObjectiveEd.com is our new company where we are building ECC games and interactive simulations for blind and low vision students, based on each child’s IEP . 
The student’s progress in mastering skills in our ECC-based games are maintained in a private secure cloud, visible to the IEP team in a web-based dashboard . 
If you are a Special Ed Teacher , press for additional details on learning about these types of games as part of maximizing student outcomes, relating to their 
IEP Process

What’s new with the Blindfold Games

I’ve been so busy working on games for the past half year, that I haven’t had much time to blog. I’ve built many new games, and I’m working on more, and every day, I get a suggestion for another game.
The Blindfold series of games now includes:

    • Blindfold Hopper – a cross between the old arcade game Frogger and Angry Birds.
      Blindfold Crazy Eights – the card game Crazy Eights where you play against the computer, or other people in Apple’s Game Center.
      Blindfold Wildcard – similar to the card game UNO. Right now you play against the computer; we are testing playing against other people with Game Center.
      Blindfold War – the card game War. You can play against the computer, or other people with Game Center.
      Blindfold Spades – the card game Spades where you bid how many tricks you can take, and you play against the computer.
      Blindfold Solitaire – includes many popular solitaire games including Klondike 1 card, Klondike 3 card, Spider variants, Free Cell variants, Gold variants and Addition Solitaire variants.
      Blindfold Video Poker – just like a video poker machine in casinos.
      Blindfold Blackjack – play Blackjack against a dealer.
      Blindfold Sudoku – Sudoku played on a 9×9 grid.
      Blindfold Sudoku Mini – Sudoku played on a 4×4 grid, designed for beginners.
      Blindfold Cryptogram – Cryptogram letter substitution game based on quotes by famous people.
      Blindfold Racer – The original game that started this project. Drive with your ears, instead of your eyes.

I have several more games in testing, and I’m working with about 40 visually impaired people who come up with great ideas for each game. Some of them have even contributed audio files to make the games more realistic.
Over the next few months, I’ll go into detail about how each of the games were created and tested, and what else we have planned.

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