Blindfold Horsing around

In my prior blog about Blindfold Horse Race, I described how you race your horse against other horses by walking your fingers on the screen; the faster your fingers walk, the faster you hear your horse gallop.

person riding horse

To add more realism to the game, the horse race starts of with the bugle call to the starting line, and a starting bell:


While the game can be played without headphones, if you do use them, you hear in your left ear, the horse running from post 1, in your right ear, the horse running in post 3, and in the center of your head, your horse.

As the race progresses, the race announcer tells you the horse’s names, and reports who is in the lead at each quarter turn.  It feels  like you are at the horse track experiencing the race.

Next I added a steeplechase course: fences that the horse must jump over.  As your horse gets near the fence, you hear a dong-dong sound, indicating the fence is 10 paces away.  Once you are within 3 paces of the fence, you must swipe down with 3 fingers to jump over the fence.  If you jump to early, or you don’t jump, you crash into the fence and lose the race.

The next improvement was adding several figure eight tracks.  First your horse runs on a straightaway, then banks to the right, then another straightaway, then banks to the left.  When you are rounding the right curve or left cur in the track, you must tilt your phone in that direction.  If you don’t your horse smashes into the fence and slows down.

The hardest race is one mile fences, includes fences and uses the figure 8 track.  It takes about 90 seconds to complete, and you’ll need a good rubdown afterwards.





Blindfold Left and Right

I just received this email from a blind Vision Rehabilitation Therapist who enjoys many of the Blindfold Games.

picture of left and right hands

“I absolutely love the games, play them daily and tell my students about them when I can.

I have to tell you, today I was playing Blindfold Barn Yard with one of my students. She is totally blind and 14. She has problems with left and right, and flicking in the right direction on the IPad. But she knows the cardinal directions, not sure why. So we were practicing left, right, up and down by looking for the animals in the barn yard and moving them to the correct fence. She loved it, and we got to practice left and right many many times, without her thinking we were.”

Glad we could help.


Blindfold Color Crush

Candy Crush is one of the most popular games on the iPhone, and generates enormous profits for King Entertainment.  It’s similar to an older video game Bejeweled, and both have spawned hundreds of clones but none are accessible.

gem pictures

Most clones of these games are played on a grid that’s about 8 columns across and 8 rows high, and have one of seven items in each of the 64 spots on the grid.  The idea is to swap two adjacent items, so you get at least 3 of the same item in a row.  For example, in Bejeweled, if the top row has a diamond, diamond, ruby and diamond, you can swap the ruby with the last diamond, and then the 3 diamonds are removed, you score points, and new gems fill in the open spots.  The more items you remove at the same time, the more points you score.

In Color Crush, the layout is the same, but you can play with either colors (such as red, blue, green and so on), or gems, or animals or numbers.  You need to remove 50 gems, 3 or more at a time, from the grid, and then you move onto the next level.  In each level, you score slightly more points for each gem than the prior level.  You can also play a timed version, where you have to remove gems quickly before running out of time.

Making this an audio game was easy: one finger swipe lets you navigate, and 2 finger swipes announce all of the gems on the current row or column, and other gestures announce the nearby gems, so you can determine what gems you should swap.  Like other Blindfold games, you can set the game to ding when the gem you are on can be swapped.  Of course advanced players don’t use that crutch.

Blindfold Color Crush has been one of the most popular games we’ve build since Blindfold Bowling.  We’re planning on adding some more gem packs to make the game more exciting.  More on that in a future blog.




Blindfold Games on

I’d like to thank Kevaleen Lara for featuring Blindfold Games on their website. reaches out to people with the full spectrum of disabilities, and it enlightens and entertains with articles, contests and information on disability products, adaptive sports, assistive technologies, community heroes, inclusive recreation and more.

When I was checking out their website, I learned more information about the Hadley School for the Blind.   Hadley is the largest provider of distance education for people who are blind or visually impaired worldwide, and they launched a series of free audio recordings designed to help those living with low vision maintain their indepedence.  According research by the National Eye Institute, the number of Americans with low vision will grow from 2.9 million in 2010, to 5 million by 2030, as the population ages.

I’m working on some projects with the Hadley School as well, and I’ll discuss it in another blog.






Blindfold Games: April Update

I often get asked for a list of games that we’ve built.  Here’s the current list, from the newest to the oldest.

Click on the game to go directly to the iTunes download page.  All games are designed for rapid audio play and have been built with the help of dozens of visually impaired gamers.


Blindfold Spin and Solve – Inspired by Wheel of Fortune, spin to guess a letter in the phrase and win.

Blindfold Shuffleboard  – Slide your discs into the scoring area, and push your opponents discs out of the way.

Blindfold Road Trip– Be the first player to drive 1000 miles in this card game similar to 1000 miles or Miles Bornes.

Blindfold Bingo – Play bingo with lots of patterns. Win coins. Record yourself saying Bingo and share it.

Blindfold Crazy Eights with Friends – Crazy Eights card game with with other people, via Game Center or in the same room.

Blindfold Barnyard– Move your animals from the barnyard to the fence to the barn. It’s addicting!

Blindfold Word Games– Hangman, Word Ladder, Scramble and Word Flick.

Blindfold Horse Race– Race against other horses by walking your fingers on the screen.

Blindfold Juggle– Juggle animals on earth and other planets.

Blindfold Color Crush – A cross between Bejeweled and Candy Crush.

Blindfold Rummy – Gin Rummy card game – collect sets and runs of cards.

Blindfold Tile Puzzle – Tile games including 2048 and Threes, with several variations.

Blindfold Vee Ball – Just like Skee ball: Roll a ball up a ramp to land in the highest point hole.

Blindfold Craps – Dice game where you bet on the outcome of a dice roll, just like in Las Vegas.

Blindfold Air Hockey – Air Hockey – use your mallet to shoot the puck into your opponent’s goal.

Blindfold Breakout – Breakout game where you smash bricks with a ball, similar to the arcade game.

Blindfold Bowling – Ten pin bowling just like at the bowling alley.

Blindfold Roulette – Play roulette just like in Las Vegas.

Blindfold Hopper – Inspired by the old video game frogger.

Blindfold Pong – Pong game similar to the classic arcade game.

Blindfold Dominoes -Dominoes game where you play until you are out of tiles or blocked.

Blindfold Hearts – Hearts card game where you avoid collecting hearts or you can shoot the moon.

Blindfold Simon – My Simon type game where you follow patterns based on gestures and sounds.

Blindfold Spades – Spades card game where you bid and collect tricks as you win each hand.

Blindfold War – The classic war card game where you try to collect all the cards.

Blindfold Solitaire – Solitaire card games including Klondike, Spider, Free Cell, Golf and many others.

Blindfold Wildcard – An Uno type card game.

Blindfold Crazy Eights – Crazy Eights card game with several variants of play.

Blindfold Video Poker – Video Poker just like the machines in Las Vegas.

Blindfold Blackjack – Play Blackjack against the dealer.

Blindfold Sudoku – Audio Sudoku in a 9 by 9 grid, with easy, medium and hard levels.

Blindfold Sudoku Mini – Audio Sudoku in a 4 by 4 grid, lots of fun and great for people who never played Sudoku before.

Blindfold Cryptogram – Decode famous quotes and phrases in a letter substitution game

Blindfold Racer – Drive your car using your ears, not your eyes.  The original game that started all of this.