Blindfold Horsing around (#119)

IEP Plan :  ECC Games for Visually Impaired Students

IEP Education is our new organization where we are building Expanded Core Curriculum games and interactive simulations for visually impaired students, based on each student’s IEP . 
The student’s advancement in acquiring skills in these education-based games and interactive simulations are maintained in a private secure cloud, accessible to the IEP team in a web-based dashboard . 
If you are a Special Ed Director , press for more details on learning about these types of games as part of maximizing student outcomes, relating to their 

Horsing around

In my prior blog about Blindfold Horse Race, I described how you race your horse against other horses by walking your fingers on the screen; the faster your fingers walk, the faster you hear your horse gallop.
person riding horse
To add more realism to the game, the horse race starts of with the bugle call to the starting line, and a starting bell:

While the game can be played without headphones, if you do use them, you hear in your left ear, the horse running from post 1, in your right ear, the horse running in post 3, and in the center of your head, your horse.
As the race progresses, the race announcer tells you the horse’s names, and reports who is in the lead at each quarter turn.  It feels  like you are at the horse track experiencing the race.
Next I added a steeplechase course: fences that the horse must jump over.  As your horse gets near the fence, you hear a dong-dong sound, indicating the fence is 10 paces away.  Once you are within 3 paces of the fence, you must swipe down with 3 fingers to jump over the fence.  If you jump to early, or you don’t jump, you crash into the fence and lose the race.
The next improvement was adding several figure eight tracks.  First your horse runs on a straightaway, then banks to the right, then another straightaway, then banks to the left.  When you are rounding the right curve or left cur in the track, you must tilt your phone in that direction.  If you don’t your horse smashes into the fence and slows down.
The hardest race is one mile fences, includes fences and uses the figure 8 track.  It takes about 90 seconds to complete, and you’ll need a good rubdown afterwards.


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