Blindfold Games Survey

In April, I conducted a survey amongst the visually impaired people who play my games.

survey image

Every day, I receive an email from someone suggesting a game for me to create.  Usually, I have no idea how popular that game will be, and sometimes I query the dozens of blind game testers to hear their opinions.  This time, though, I decided to ask everyone what games they want next.

About 500 people answered the survey, and the two most requested games were Baseball and Monopoly; both of which were suggested by over 10%.  Jeopardy, Basketball and Golf came in next at 5% each.

Football,  the board game Life, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, Family Feud, Tennis and Chess  were suggested by about 3% of the audience.  Backgammon, Pool, Slots, Trivial Pursuit and any type of  shooting game were suggested by about 2% of the audience.

Games with at least 1% of the people responding include Pac Man, Scrabble, Crossword Puzzles, Poker, Connect 4, Fishing, Space Invaders, Sports Management, Tic Tac Toe, Battleship, Darts, Go Fish, Cooking Games, Hockey, Mahjong, Oregon Trail, Parcheesi, Wrestling and Bridge.

I had several requests for games I’ve already built, such as Wildcard (similar to Uno) and the card game War.

In my next blog, I’ll discuss what else I learned.




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