Blindfold Games Survey, Part 2 (#123)

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Games Survey, Part 2

In the survey that over 500 fans of Blindfold Games answered, I asked what types of games would you like to have next?
survey checklist
Right now, I have about 5 types of games: TV game shows, similar to Wheel of Fortune, Sports Games, such as Bowling and Shuffleboard, Puzzle Games, similar to Candy Crush, Action Games, such as a Horse-racing game and Pinball, Casino Games, like Roulette and Video Poker, and Card Games, such as Crazy Eights, Uno or Hearts.
Topping the list was TV Game show games at 36%, followed by Sports Games at 29%.  Puzzle Games, Action Games and Card games came in around 10% each, and Casino Games at under 4%.
I was surprised at these results, because, for a while, many game players would tell me how much they loved the casino games and wanted more of them.  Based on that, I built Video Poker, Dealer Poker, Blackjack, Bingo, Roulette and Craps.  There just aren’t that many casino games left to build.
The other question asked which game do you want to play with another person, instead of against the computer.  In almost all of the games I’ve built, you play against a computer robot, where you can set the skill level, and name, of your opponent.
Over 40% of the people asked to play Bowling with their friends,  followed by Spin-and-Solve.  Right now, 3 of the Blindfold Games let you compete against your friends, either through Apple’s Game Center, or against your friends in the same room (using WIFI and Bluetooth technology).


  1. I did not take the original survey, but noticed some of the results. I love crossword puzzles, but am unable to work with any of them without sighted help. I would very much appreciate a Blindfold crossword game I could complete independently.

  2. Next game I would like to see develop would be a sports game. Like baseball, or golf. What game to be able to play with others would be either bowling, pool, or golf.

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