Blindfold Games at the NFB (#131)

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Blindfold Games at the NFB

We spent two days in Orlando – about a 4 hour drive from home in Miami – at the National Federation of the Blind annual convention.
tween boys at the nfb show
I met dozens of fans, and found that while many people have heard of Blindfold Games, most have never tried one.  I’d like to thank the several of the testers who recorded testimonials about their favorite games; your comments encouraged many people to stop and talk with us.
Several tweens and teens came by and were absolutely gushing with excitement and praise. I met one family with two tween visually impaired boys, and while I wish I recorded the entire conversation to share with you, I did record the following:

A few tween girls came by as well, equally excited to meet us, and like always, I asked them, and each and every person for more game ideas, and what else can we do better.
I spoke with a few exhibitors who expressed interest in sponsoring some of the games.  If you enjoy the Blindfold Games, and you want some of the games to ad-sponsored and free, please fill out this anonymous survey.
Click here for the survey.

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