Blindfold Basketball: Coaching Games

One of the games included with Blindfold Basketball is a coaching game.  The coach tells you where to go on the basketball court, and what kind of shot to make.  For example, the coach would say move to row 3, column 4, and make a hook shot.

picture of a basketball coach

If you follow the coaches instructions and make the shot, you get 2 points.  You move from level to level when you complete 5 shots.

But, as I mentioned in a prior basketball blog, we eliminated grid positioning, and changed the game to use relative clock positioning .

The problem is that the coach needs to tell you where to go, but could no longer give you the grid position using the row and the column.  The testers and i brainstormed for a while, and came up with the idea of 9 zones in the basketball court.  For example, if you are on the left side of the court, on the same line as the basket, you are in the front left court.

Each time you move, the game tells you where are you relative to the basket, and optionally, which zone you are in.  Playing the coach games is much easier, and it preserves the feeling of being on a real court.

To make it even more fun, we added another set of coach games where coach only gives you the zone, but not the shot.  Hopefully, by the time you are up to the second set of coach games, you know what kind of shot to make, based on how far the basket is.  You wouldn’t use a dunk shot if you are at the far end of the court.

We also added a LUCKY setting.  Normally, if you select the wrong shot, you won’t make the basket.  In sports games, sometimes you just get lucky.   The LUCKY setting in Blindfold Basketball lets you make the wrong shot, and sometimes, you’ll be lucky enough for the shot to land in the basket.

Next blog: How we put opposing players on the basketball court.




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