Blindfold Games at AERBVI (#136)

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IEP Goals is our new organization where we are building ECC games for visually impaired students, based on the student’s IEP . 
The student’s progression in mastering skills in our education-based games are stored in a private secure cloud, accessible to the school team in a web-based dashboard . 
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We just finished attending the AERBVI conference in Jacksonville, FL.  The Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER) provides resources to the professionals who serve those who are blind and visually impaired.
Blindfold Games logo
The idea of attending this conference was to educate TVIs – teachers of people with visual impairments – about the Blindfold Games.  Most teachers work with several visually impaired clients, and many are looking for more tools to help their clients.
I assumed the teachers didn’t know about Blindfold Games, so I ran a contest to spread the word.  I brought about 500 stickers about 2 inches in diameter, with the Blindfold Games logo, and the words “Blindfold Games”, as shown in the above picture.  Each sticker had a number from 1 to 999, and the contest was to spot someone with the same number, and then both people would win an iTunes gift card.  After the first day, about half of the TVIs were wearing our stickers, and many were glad to learn about the games.  Most TVIs told me they had a few clients who would enjoy the games.
By the middle of the second day, not one teacher had found the someone else with an identical number, so we decided to make the contest a simple random drawing.  I received permission to award the gift card at one of the well attended sessions, and I announced about 8 winning numbers.  Five of the people happened to be at that session, and each received a $50 gift card.
The awards were announced at a session discussing employment for visually impaired people.  It just so happened that, within the last month, I conducted a survey of people who play the Blindfold Games.  The anonymous demographic information I collected will be used as new research data by the university professors at that session.
I would also like to thank the several people from Perkins School for the Blind eLearning division and Perkins Products for helping Blindfold Games at the show.

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