Blindfold Game Fanfares

I’m always looking for ways to involve the blindness and low vision community in the creation of games, and up until now, other than providing ideas for new games, or testing the games, I didn’t have much.

person playing a trumpet

One of testers asked if he could record himself on a trumpet playing a winning sound, and have it used in the games  He did several, and instead of replacing the current winning sound with his, I decided to improve the game architecture to let the game player pick the sound.

The current winning and losing sounds are:
winning sound:
losing sound:

I created a new screen where the game player can pick their favorite winning and losing sounds, and they can change it at any time.

As people create new winning and losing sounds, I just upload their contributed sounds to the cloud, and the games automatically pick up the new sounds.  We’ve added several great sounds, and I get more contributions every month month.

Here are some of the best contributions:

winning sound:
winning sound:
winning sound:

losing sound:

If you want to contribute, just email me at




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