Blindfold Game Popularity (#163)

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Game Popularity

I was curious as to which of the Blindfold games have been the most popular since Blindfold Racer was created back in 2014.
bar graph
I use a service called App Annie, that interacts with the Apple iTunes store, and keeps track of downloads and purchases.  We are never told who actually purchases the games; only the number of app downloads and in-app purchases.  Apple keeps your identity and purchase history confidential.
The top 10 games based on downloads are:

  1. Blindfold Racer: 13,153
  2. Blindfold Bowling: 6,865
  3. Blindfold Word Games: 4,902
  4. Blindfold RS Games: 4,806
  5. Blindfold Bingo: 4,400
  6. Blindfold Spin and Solve: 4,371
  7. Blindfold Solitaire: 3,634
  8. Blindfold Simon: 3,555
  9. Blindfold Blackjack: 3,528
  10. Blindfold Color Crush: 3,316

The top 10 games based on in-app upgrade purchases are:

  1. Blindfold RS Games
  2. Blindfold Bowling
  3. Blindfold Spin and Solve
  4. Blindfold Travel Cards
  5. Blindfold Color Crush
  6. Blindfold Blackjack
  7. Blindfold Solitaire
  8. Blindfold Video Poker
  9. Blindfold Word Games
  10. Blindfold Wildcard

The least popular games based on downloads are:

  1. Blindfold Fireworks: 276
  2. Blindfold Cat and Mouse Solitaire: 714
  3. Blindfold Snakes and Puzzles: 888
  4. Blindfold Soccer Kick: 1,032
  5. Blindfold Phrase Madness: 1,259

The least popular games based on in-app upgrade purchases are:

  1. Blindfold Sudoku
  2. Blindfold Fireworks
  3. Blindfold Juggle
  4. Braille Spin and Solve
  5. Blindfold Soccer Kick

There are three “multi-player” games: where you play with someone else, either in the same room, or via Apple’s game Center.  The games are Blindfold Wildcard with Friends, Blindfold Road Trip with Friends and Blindfold Crazy 8 with Friends.  All three games combined were not even downloaded as much as the least popular game (Blindfold Fireworks).
Any of these games can be download from:

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