Blindfold Games Survey (#172)

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IEP Objectives is our new company where we are building Expanded Core Curriculum games and interactive simulations for vision impaired students, based on a student’s IEP . 
The child’s progress in learning skills in our curriculum-based games and interactive simulations are maintained in a private secure cloud, accessible to the teachers in a web-based console . 
If you are a TVI , click for additional details on trying these types of games as part of maximizing student outcomes, relating to their 
504 Education Plan


Last week, I asked many of the Blindfold Games fans to fill out a survey on which game to create next, and I received hundreds of responses.
You can add your response to the survey here:
Before I reveal what was requested, I have a few comments:

  1. All games run on iPad as well as iPhone.  If you don’t find the game you are looking for on the iPad, make sure you de-select the iPad only button when using the App Store on your iPad.
  2. I already created a bunch of games that were requested, including:
  • Uno, called Blindfold Wildcard.
  • Skip-Bo, called Blindfold Cat and Mouse Solitaire.
  • Jeopardy, called  Blindfold Trivia Match
  • Frogger, called  Blindfold Hopper
  • Memory game, called Blindfold Sound Search
  • Hangman, one of 4 games in Blindfold Word Game
  • Code cracker game, called Blindfold Cryptogram
  • Apples to Apples is included in Blindfold RS Games
  • Battleship is included in Blindfold RS Games
  • Boggle, called Word Biggle
  • Blindfold Checkers
  • Blindfold BasketBall,
  • Blindfold Soccer
  • Blindfold Rummy
  • Blindfold Pool
  • Blindfold Breakout

I probably won’t create the following games:

  • Chess, since several chess apps are already accessible.
  • Bridge card game, since several bridge apps are already accessible

Here are the most requested games for each category:

  • Puzzles: Mazes, Number Tile Slide Puzzle, Piano Tiles, Connect-Four
  • Word Games: Scrabble, Crossword Puzzles, Word Search
  • Board Games: Life, Sorry, Clue
  • TV Games: Deal or no deal, Millionaire, Price is Right, Lets make a deal
  • Action Games: Pacmac, Super Mario, Bopit, Whac-a-mole
  • Casino Games: Slots
  • Card Games: Cribbage
  • Sports Games: Football, Baseball, Swimming, Golf
  • Other: Fighting games where you battle an opponent and kill them, pet nurturing game


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