Blindfold Soccer Kick (#175)

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The child’s advancement in learning skills in these curriculum-based games are stored in a private secure cloud, available to the school team in a web-based dashboard . 
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Soccer Kick

After I finished Blindfold Basketball, people asked me to more sports games.  I thought of creating a game that would include several mini-games, such as football, baseball and soccer.  Of course, once I started on building it, I quickly discovered just how complex any of these games are.
So instead, I started designing a soccer kicking game.  The idea of the game is that you and your computer opponent must kick the ball to into the goal net.  When it’s your turn, you try to kick the ball into the net, and your opponent’s goalie tries to block your ball.  When it’s your opponent’s turn, he tries to kick the ball into the net, and you, as the goalie, try to block his ball.
The challenging part of building a game like this is teaching you how to play.  Level by level, the game leads you through acquiring both kicking and blocking skills.
You start the game learning how to kick the ball.  The soccer goal net is 50% of the width of the screen, and is either on the left side, the right side or the center.  Before each shot, you are told where the goal net is, and during the shot,  you hear a slow drum sound indicating where goal net is: left, center or right.
For example, if the goal net is on the left side, position your finger near the bottom of the phone, on the left side, and swipe up.  The announcer will tell you when you scored a goal, or if you missed the goal net.
Next, you learn how to kick to avoid the opponent’s goalie who tries to block your shot by moving left and right; the goalie is about one quarter of the width of the screen.  He  moves from left to right in about five seconds, and then reverses his movement when he hits the side.
Once you’ve mastered kicking, you can play a solo game with a goalie. It’s just like the practice game, but on each level, the goalie moves faster and faster.  Each level has 7 soccer balls and there are 10 levels, and to make the game more challenging, you can change the size of the net that you are aiming for.
The next skill to acquire is blocking your opponent’s kick.  Your opponent will kick the ball towards the goal, and you must block it.  After he kicks the ball, by moving your finger  left and right, you try to keep the sound of oncoming ball in the center of your head.  Then you play the blocking game at faster and faster speeds.
With both kicking and blocking mastered, you are ready for a full game: you and your opponent alternate shots.  First you kick the soccer ball into his goal net while his goalie tries to block your ball.  Then he kicks the soccer ball into your goal net, and while you try to block his ball.  There are 10 levels, and the winner is the player with the most completed goals.
You can download Blindfold Soccer Kick here:

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