Blindfold Family Feud (#187)

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Family Feud

It’s not actually called Family Feud like the TV Game show; instead, it’s entitled Blindfold Feud.
Family Feud game board showing joint answer
TV Game shows are the most popular category of games that I’ve built.  Spin and Solve, inspired by Wheel of Fortune, has almost as many players as Blindfold Bowling or Blindfold Racer, the two most popular games.
With Family Feud, you must come up with answers to questions that are not necessarily correct, but are popular.  In a recent Family Feud episode, the host put up the question “What is something that people like to pass around”, and the most popular answer was “a joint”.  Other answers included a lighter, sickness, thanksgiving dinner and yard tools.  You win points based on how popular your answer was.
Typing the most popular answer in Blindfold Feud couldn’t work, because there are so many different ways to express the same thing (“a joint”, “marijuana”, “weed”), and it would be very difficult for the game to determine if your answer is the same as the popular answer.
Instead, I created several game variants.  The ranking game, shows you a list of answers, and you must pick the most popular answer; you win points based on the answer’s popularity.  If 70% of the people picked “joint”, you would win 70 points.  Your turn continues until you get a wrong answer, and then your computer opponent goes.
The testers suggested adding guessing game, where you guess the answer after being told the first letter.
If the question is “Name Something A Parent Reminds Kid Use At Summer Camp”, the popular answers are Toothbrush, Sunscreen, and Soap.  The game reads you the question, tells you there are 3 answers, and tells you that one answer that begins with the letter “T”, and the other two answers begin with the letter “S”.  When you type the letters “T”, “O”, and “O”, you get credit for the “Toothpaste” answer, and win points.
I purchased a list of questions and answers, added a computer opponent whose skill you can vary, and released the game as Blindfold Feud.  You can download it here:

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