Blindfold Games: October Update

There are now over 80 games in the Blindfold Games series. You can visit our website to see the list here:

Games are listed with the newest games first.  Click on the game to go directly to the iTunes download page.  All games are designed for rapid audio play and have been built with the help of dozens of visually impaired gamers.  If you are using an iPad when searching for Blindfold Games in the app store, make sure you un-check the setting IPAD ONLY.

Blindfold Millionaire – Who wants to be a millionaire, like the TV show.

Blindfold Sea Battle – Just like Battleship.  Also good for learning grids.

Blindfold Bop Gesture Game – Just like Bop-It, but with gestures.  Greating for learning too.

Blindfold Flappy – Similar to the famous Flappy Bird game

Blindfold Deal or Not – Just like Deal or No Deal.

Blindfold Pyramid Tiles – Tile matching game like mahjong and toodle town.

Blindfold Home Run Derby – Baseball game just like Major League Baseball’s Annual Contest.

Blindfold 3D Tic Tac Toe – Tic Tac Toe but in all three dimensions.

Blindfold Clues – Detective game – who did it and where did they do it.

Blindfold Word Search – Find words in a grid of letters with increasing difficulty.

Blindfold Invaders  – Just like Space Invaders video arcade game, but this is an audio game.

Blindfold Connect  – Just like Connect 4 – get 4 checkers in a row.

Blindfold Feud – Inspired by the TV Game show “Family Feud”.

Blindfold Travel Cards– Be the first player to drive 1000 miles in this card game similar to 1000 miles or Miles Bornes.  Now with car, sailboat and trains.

Blindfold Words From Words – How many words can you create from one word?

Blindfold Oppoly – Inspired by Monopoly.

Blindfold Euchre – Trick-taking card game, much easier than spades.

Blindfold Fireworks – Tap and swipe to conduct your own audio fireworks show.

Blindfold Seven Words – Similar to seven little words.

Blindfold Word Biggle – Inspired by Boggle – Find words in a 5 by 5 grid of letters.

Blindfold Jeopardy Match – Just like TV Game show “Jeopardy”

Blindfold Snakes and Puzzles – Snakes and Ladders but with trivia or arithmetic puzzles

Blindfold Soccer Kick – Soccer – European Football – Kicking and Blocking.

Blindfold Cat and Mouse – Just like Skipbo.  A two player card game similar to  Solitaire, but much easier.

Blindfold Sound Search – More Sound Packs added.  Matching game using Common Animals, Asian Animals, National Anthems, Musical Instruments and Everyday Sounds.

Blindfold Color Crush – Many more gem packs added: A cross between Bejeweled and Candy Crush.

Blindfold Barnyard – New barnyards added: Move your animals from the barnyard to the fence to the barn.  It’s addicting!

Braille Fortune Wheel – Practice your braille contractions. Inspired by Wheel of Fortune, spin to guess a letter or a contraction in the phrase and win.

Blindfold Greeting Card – Create and send your own audio cards to friends and family.

Blindfold RS Games – 21 different multi-player games, played by thousands of people on Windows and Mac, are now available on the iPhone and iPad.

Blindfold Sound Search – Matching game using Common Animals, Asian Animals, National Anthems, Musical Instruments and Everyday Sounds.

Blindfold Basketball – Grab the ball and start shooting.  Great sound effects!

Blindfold Bird Songs – Find that Bird and Match that bird – two great games for learning bird songs.

Blindfold Checkers – Play checkers with easy, medium or expert opponents.

Phrase Madness – Famous as a windows game, now on the iPhone and iPad.  Match the phrases and laugh your socks off.

Blindfold Pinball – Play pinball on diffferent pinball machines.

Blindfold Pool – Play pool by hitting your cue ball into the other balls, and landing them in the pockets.  Hours and hours of fun.

Blindfold Fortune Wheel – Inspired by Wheel of Fortune, spin to guess a letter in the phrase and win.

Blindfold Shuffleboard  – Slide your discs into the scoring area, and push your opponents discs out of the way.

Blindfold Bingo – Play bingo with lots of patterns. Win coins. Record yourself saying Bingo and share it.

Blindfold Crazy Eights with Friends – Crazy Eights card game with with other people, via Game Center or in the same room.

Blindfold Word Games– Hangman, Word Ladder, Scramble and Word Flick.

Blindfold Horse Race– Race against other horses by walking your fingers on the screen.

Blindfold Juggle– Juggle animals on earth and other planets.

Blindfold Rummy – Gin Rummy card game – collect sets and runs of cards.

Blindfold Tile Puzzle – Tile games including 2048 and Threes, with several variations.

Blindfold Vee Ball – Just like Skee ball: Roll a ball up a ramp to land in the highest point hole.

Blindfold Craps – Dice game where you bet on the outcome of a dice roll, just like in Las Vegas.

Blindfold Air Hockey – Air Hockey – use your mallet to shoot the puck into your opponent’s goal.

Blindfold Breakout – Breakout game where you smash bricks with a ball, similar to the arcade game.

Blindfold Bowling – Ten pin bowling just like at the bowling alley.

Blindfold Roulette – Play roulette just like in Las Vegas.

Blindfold Hopper – Inspired by the old video game frogger.

Blindfold Pong – Pong game similar to the classic arcade game.

Blindfold Dominoes -Dominoes game where you play until you are out of tiles or blocked.

Blindfold Hearts – Hearts card game where you avoid collecting hearts or you can shoot the moon.

Blindfold Simon – My Simon type game where you follow patterns based on gestures and sounds.

Blindfold Spades – Spades card game where you bid and collect tricks as you win each hand.

Blindfold War – The classic war card game where you try to collect all the cards.

Blindfold Solitaire – Solitaire card games including Klondike, Spider, Free Cell, Golf and many others.

Blindfold Wildcard – An Uno type card game.

Blindfold Crazy Eights – Crazy Eights card game with several variants of play.

Blindfold Video Poker – Video Poker just like the machines in Las Vegas.

Blindfold Blackjack – Play Blackjack against the dealer.

Blindfold Sudoku – Audio Sudoku in a 9 by 9 grid, with easy, medium and hard levels.

Blindfold Sudoku Mini – Audio Sudoku in a 4 by 4 grid, lots of fun and great for people who never played Sudoku before.

Blindfold Cryptogram – Decode famous quotes and phrases in a letter substitution game

Blindfold Racer – Drive your car using your ears, not your eyes.  The original game that started all of this.


Blindfold Millionaire

Who wants to be a millionaire?  Who doesn’t?


This game was near the top of the list in the recent survey, and I’ve been working on this game for a while.  Blindfold Millionaireis a cross between the TV show and some online variants.  Like Blindfold Jeopardy, it’s a trivia knowledge game; I obtained a set of trivia packs that include general knowledge, geography, flowers, TV/movies, and Christmas.

If you’ve never watched Millionaire, the objective is to win one million dollars by picking the correct of the answers, out of 4 choices, for each trivia question.  If you get it right, you win some cash, and move onto the next question.  If you are wrong, you lose all the cash you’ve won so far, and go home broke.

If you aren’t sure of the answer, you have two options: use a lifeline, or walk away.  You only have three lifelines, so you should save them for when you really need them.  There are three lifelines: phoning a friend, asking the audience, or having a fifty-fifty chance.  When you phone a friend, your friend may or may not be right, but there answer is correct most of the time.  When you ask the audience, they can usually eliminate the obviously wrong answers, but sometimes the audience is wrong.  When you use the fifty-fifty chance, two of the wrong choices will be eliminated.

In the actual game, the first 6 questions are pretty easy.  Since the game doesn’t know how hard each randomly picked trivia question is, we made the Blindfold version  easier by having fewer choices in the first few questions.  Questions 1, 2 and 3 only have two answer choices, and questions 4, 5 and 6 only have 3 choices.

Since the game can’t really phone your friends, Blindfold Millionaire simulates the phone call.  You can pick who you want to call: an athlete, a musician, a scientist and an actor.  Usually the person you call will provide the correct answer; but sometimes, if the question is really outside of their expertise, their answer might be wrong.

The game appears to be as popular as Blindfold Jeopardy, which is one of the most downloaded of all the Blindfold TV games.

To download the Blindfold Millionaire, tap here:

Blindfold Survey Results

We had hundreds of responses to the recent survey: most people have downloaded 26 or more games, and have purchased around 5 games.  More than one third of the survey takers purchased at least 10 games.


For the question “What type of game would you like to have more of?”, the most popular categories were board games, sports games, and TV game shows.

For the question “Pick 5 games that you would like to see next”, the leaders were Game of Life Board Game,  Restaurant Game, Mario Brothers, Puppy Care, Name That Song, Golf, Football, 100,000 dollar pyramid and piloting an airplane.  The least requested games were snooker, mastermind peg game, dabble word game and risk board game.

I did get some requests for games I’ve already built: Snakes and Ladders (called Blindfold Snakes and Puzzles), baseball (called Blindfold Home Run Derby), Family Feud (called Blindfold Feud), Trivia games (Blindfold Jeopardy Match), Blackjack (called Blindfold Blackjack), Candy Crush (called Blindfold Color Crush), Concentration (called Blindfold Sound Search), Basketball (called Blindfold Basketball).

To answer other questions:

  • Most of the games do not require earphones.  Only those that use spatial location, like Blindfold Racer or Blindfold Hopper need earphones.
  • Many people asked for multiplayer games.  I launched several a while ago, and they were not popular at all.  That’s why we teamed up with RS Games – they make great multiplayer games.
  • I can build more braille and learning games, but I need a distribution partner to sell those games to schools and T.V.I.s (teachers of visually impaired people).  I haven’t found a distribution partner yet.

Thanks to everyone for your ideas.


Blindfold Poker

For some reason, the  video poker game I created several years ago is now one of the most popular casino games in the Blindfold Game series.

poker hand and chips

I first created Blindfold Video Poker – it emulates Las Vegas style video poker machines.  One fan wanted more of a poker experience, so he sent me a link to an online poker site. At this site, instead of playing poker against other players, you play against a computer dealer with very strict rules, in one of 7 different games.

For example, in Three Card Poker, you start by making an initial bet.  Next you and the dealer are dealt three cards each, face-down.  After you look at your cards, you can either fold and lose the bet, or bet the same amount again.

Then you and the dealer show your cards.  If your hand is better, you win.  If the dealer’s hand is better, you lose.  If you won, and you had a good hand (like 3 of a kind), you can win several times what you originally bet.

There are two  side bets you can make in this game that makes it more interesting.  Regardless of who won, if you win one of the side bets, you can get a lot more money.

The side bet called “Pair Plus” pays you (even if you lost to the dealer) if you have a pair or better in your hand.  The best payout on Pair Plus bets is 40 to 1 for a straight flush.

The side bet called “6-Card Bonus” combines your three cards with the dealer’s three cards, and the best 5 cards out of those 6 cards determines the payoff.  A royal flush pays off at 1000 to 1.

When playing Three Card Poker included in Blindfold Video Poker, you must consider about 3 different strategies at once: beating the dealer, winning the Pair Plus bet, and winning the 6 Card Bonus bet.  We’ve added several Dealer Poker games like Three Card Poker to the Video Poker game, and we’ll be adding more.

Click to download Blindfold Video Poker:

Blindfold Bop Gesture Game for TVIs

A TVI is a teacher of a visually impaired person, and I hear from TVIs often to create games to make teaching orientation and mobility skills easier.

finger gesture on screen

Blindfold Bop Gesture Game – previously named Bop – was discussed in a recent blog, was originally suggested by Ben P. of the Braille Institute in Los Angeles.  One of the missions of the Braille Institute is to help the local community become more familiar with mobile technology.

First, Blindfold Bop Gesture Game you through some initial practice making gestures.  In Learn Game, each time you time make a gesture on the screen, it tells you what the gesture was.  For blind person who has never used a mobile device, Learn Game removes a much of the anxiety of using this new technology.

Luke D., one of the blind testers who also works with newly blind students, suggested a major improvement for the app.  Since people new to the iPhone are not familiar with many of the voice-over gestures, he wanted a way that someone could play the game before they mastered voice-over gestures.

Now there’s a setting in the game to use the Student Mode, which can be set up by a TVI.  Once in Student Mode, you are given instructions on exactly what to do at each step.  For example, as the game starts, it says “Pick a game by swiping up or down with one finger, then tap twice with one finger”.

The student, working with their TVI, will continue with Learn Game until a handful of gestures are well understood and then moves to the easy practice game.  And since the Student Mode menu is so easy, the student will practice on their own.

We are starting to get requests from school get a copy of the game for all the teachers.  To train your clients with Blindfold Bop Gesture Game, tap here:





Blindfold Sea Battle stories

A week ago, I wrote about Blindfold Sea Battle, a variant of the Battleship game.

Since then, it’s been written up in several blogs, include Diane Brauner’s Path’s to Technology hosted at the Perkins School.  She will be writing several more posts about how to use Sea Battle for educational purposes as part of her “conference season”.

Sea Battle logo

I also learned that people have created their own variants of Battleship, and I just added those to the game.  In the normal game, you and your opponent alternate turns, trying to guess where each other’s ships are located.

In the “Shoot Till Miss” variant, you get to shoot again if your missile hits your opponent’s ship.  It makes the game go a little faster and helps you sink a ship faster once you’ve found it.

In the “Shots For Ships” variant, you get one shot for each of your ships still floating.  For example, at the start of the game, both you and the computer have 5 ships, so you can take 5 shots.  Once one of your ships are sunk, you can then only take 4 shots.  This variant makes game play even faster.

Here’s a typical email for game improvements:

By the way, I’m really enjoying Sea Battle.  I have just a few tiny suggestions if you don’t mind.  First, at the end, I’m often curious as to where my opponents ships that I missed were.  Could you have it tell us?  Also, could you give us a feature that tells us which squares are open in a particular column or row?  Could this be certain gestures so that we can use it when we want to instead of it being automatic, or could we have a setting so it could be either auto or manual?   I know it sounds like I’m criticizing, probably, especially when I put this at the end of my email.  I don’t intend that at all.  Just asking if it’s possible.  I really like the game, especially when I sink the computer’s ships!  Hahahahahahahahahaha!  Thanks for reading, and keep up the good work!  (smiles)

Some of the sounds she was refering to can be heard here:


or here:

You can download the game here:

Demostración del juego Blindfold Gesture Bop

About a week ago, I was contacted by Gerardo Corripio, who publishes a blog on accessible apps for the Spanish speaking world.  He wanted to demonstrate some of the Blindfold games, and was especially intrigued by Blindfold Gesture Bop.

Here’s a link to his Spanish blog:

And here’s his recording of a 4 minute audio demonstration of the game, in Spanish:

Gerardo said that even though the games are spoken in English, many Spanish visually impaired people play them.  I told him that we may translate the games to other languages in the future.

You can get Blindfold Gesture Bop here:



Blindfold Battleship

After I built Blindfold 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, several teachers of visually impaired students wanted more games to improve grid navigation skills.

One person suggested the game Battleship, which is played on a 10 by 10 grid.  Our version is called Blindfold Sea Battle.

You and your opponent have 5 ships to place on your board, and ships vary from 2 to 5 spots long.  For example, the largest ship, a carrier, is 5 spots long, and can be placed horizontally or vertically, such as in position A1 to A5, or in A1 to E1, where rows are the letters A through J and columns are the numbers 1 to 10.   Once both you and the computer player have placed ships, you alternate turns trying to guess where each other’s ships are.

When you guess a location, such as E5, you hear a missile launching and either a splash in the water if the missile missed, or an explosion when it hits.  Once you hit all the ship’s spots, it sinks.  The player who sinks the opponent’s ships first wins the game.

The first major enhancement requested was for faster ship placement.  While the computer player’s ships were automatically placed, you had to move to a spot on the grid, and swipe left or down to place your ship.  We added automatic random ship placement for you as well; now game is much faster.

About 20 years ago, Nick Berry, a technology consultant and president of DataGenetics, a data mining company based in Seattle, had meticulously laid out several strategies that improves your chances of sinking your opponent’s ships before she sinks yours.

His methods are battle-tested: Berry created computer algorithms to employ his strategies in hundreds of millions of simulations so he could calculate their respective success rates.   He found that the optimal way to play is to only guess at alternating spots.  For example, if you check spots A1 and A3, and both are misses, then a horizontally placed ship cannot be in spot A2.  Likewise, if you check spot A2 and C2 and both are misses, then a vertically placed ship cannot be in spot B2.


Using this strategy, you can eliminate half of the spots when searching for a ship.  Once you have hit a ship, you need to check that spot’s neighboring spots in all directions, to figure out where the ship lies.

You can get Blindfold Sea Battle here: