Blindfold Sea Battle stories (#214)

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Sea Battle stories

A week ago, I wrote about Blindfold Sea Battle, a variant of the Battleship game.
Since then, it’s been written up in several blogs, include Diane Brauner’s Path’s to Technology hosted at the Perkins School.  She will be writing several more posts about how to use Sea Battle for educational purposes as part of her “conference season”.
Sea Battle logo
I also learned that people have created their own variants of Battleship, and I just added those to the game.  In the normal game, you and your opponent alternate turns, trying to guess where each other’s ships are located.
In the “Shoot Till Miss” variant, you get to shoot again if your missile hits your opponent’s ship.  It makes the game go a little faster and helps you sink a ship faster once you’ve found it.
In the “Shots For Ships” variant, you get one shot for each of your ships still floating.  For example, at the start of the game, both you and the computer have 5 ships, so you can take 5 shots.  Once one of your ships are sunk, you can then only take 4 shots.  This variant makes game play even faster.
Here’s a typical email for game improvements:
By the way, I’m really enjoying Sea Battle.  I have just a few tiny suggestions if you don’t mind.  First, at the end, I’m often curious as to where my opponents ships that I missed were.  Could you have it tell us?  Also, could you give us a feature that tells us which squares are open in a particular column or row?  Could this be certain gestures so that we can use it when we want to instead of it being automatic, or could we have a setting so it could be either auto or manual?   I know it sounds like I’m criticizing, probably, especially when I put this at the end of my email.  I don’t intend that at all.  Just asking if it’s possible.  I really like the game, especially when I sink the computer’s ships!  Hahahahahahahahahaha!  Thanks for reading, and keep up the good work!  (smiles)
Some of the sounds she was refering to can be heard here:

or here:
You can download the game here:

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