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IEP Plan :  ECC Games for Visually Impaired Students

IEP Technologies

ObjectiveEd.com is our new organization where we are building Expanded Core Curriculum interactive simulations for blind and low vision students, based on a child’s IEP . 
The child’s progression in acquiring skills in these education-based games and interactive simulations are preserved in a private secure cloud, available to the school IEP team  in a web-based console . 
If you are a O&M , press for more details on using these types of games as a tool for maximizing student outcomes, relating to their 
IEP Program


For those of you not following this issue: Two weeks ago, Apple rejected 3 updates: Blindfold Hopper, Blindfold Craps and Blindfold Horserace, by saying it violates a new rule of the App Store: apps that vary only by content (such as video or audio or text) must be merged into one app.  I explained that these apps are all different, and that only their menus and settings screens are similar.  I requested a phone call to discuss this further.
Apple’s decision as of Wednesday evening is that unless I merge the 80 Blindfold Games into a handful of apps, they will no longer allow new games to be released or allow updates to be made.  Tap here for details.
One person suggested adding the hashtag #keepBlindfoldGames to all of your tweets and facebook posts. You might pass that on.
I just received a comment asking why a hashtag.  A hashtag is tracked in twitter and Facebook. If thousands of people include that hashtag in their Facebook and twitter posts, then it is considered “trending”, and then more and more people will start talking about it. At some point, TV and radio stations may see the trend and discuss the issue of accessibility on the iPhone.

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