Blindfold Cryptogram Facelift (#233)

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Cryptogram Facelift

Blindfold Cryptogram was the third game in the series, after Blindfold Racer and Blindfold Sudoku.  Recently, people were requesting a code-breaking game, so I suggested they take a look at Cryptogram.  They did, and they said it was awful.
Suffice it to say that the Blindfold Games nowadays are far better than the earlier ones, so it was time to redesign Cryptogram to be more fun and more playable.
A cryptogram is a quote by a famous person, where there the quote is encrypted by simple letter substitution. For example, the letter “A” can be represented by the letter “C”, the letter “B” by the letter “X”, and so on. The phrase “Hello there” could be encrypted as “Asttq uasps”, where “a” means “h”, “s” means “e”, “t” means “l”, “q” means “o”, “u” means “t”, and “p” means “r”.
To solve a cryptogram, you first find the most common letters in the encrypted quote. For example, the letter “e” occurs often in words. In the above example, it occurred 3 times. In the encryption, the letter “s” occurs three times, so if you were trying to solve that cryptogram, there’s a pretty good change the letter “s” translates as the letter “e”.
Using the frequency of letters, and trying to solve the short words before the long words, you can eventually figure out the entire cryptogram.
To play the game, you flick left and right to move through the letters.  If you haven’t discovered the decrypted letter, the letter is spoken in a man’s voice.  Once you’ve decrypted that letter, it is spoken in a woman’s voice.
You can vary the complexity of the game from VERY EASY to NORMAL.  In the easiest level, about three-quarters of the letters are already solved for you, and you just have to decrypt the remainder of the puzzle.
The Blindfold Cryptogram comes with about popular quotes by people such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Maya Angelou and Nelson Mandala., and there are more quote packs that you can purchase in categories such as humor, success and happiness.
To download the game, click here:

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