Blindfold Gifts under the tree (#239)

IEP Technologies :  Expanded Core Curriculum Games for Visually Impaired Students

IEP Objectives is our new company where we are building ECC games and interactive simulations for visually impaired students, based on a child’s Individual Educational Plan. 
The child’s progression in learning skills in our ECC-based games are maintained in a private secure cloud, visible to the IEP team in a web-based dashboard . 
If you are a Teacher of Visually Impaired Students , press for more details on using these types of games as part of maximizing student outcomes, relating to their 
IEP and 504 plan

Gifts under the tree

Two weeks ago, we announced a holiday gift give-away for one of eight games:  Bingo, Breakout, Connect, Dominoes, Hearts, Phrase Madness, Snakes and Puzzles, or Shuffleboard.  As of this morning, more than 200 people found a Blindfold Game under their Christmas tree.
christmas tree with presents
Here’s some more fun Blindfold Games statistics:

  • We recently passed the 500,000th download of the games, in total.  We track our information with the company App Annie, who gets their information from Apple, and they tell us how many times each game has been downloaded.  They don’t tell us who downloads each game, only the number of downloads.
  • Blindfold Racer, the original game, still leads with 20,663 downloads as of December, 2017, followed by Blindfold Barnyard at 20,132.
  • Our hall of fame games – those with over 10,000 downloads include Bowling, Greeting Card, Solitaire and Word Games.

Happy Holidays.
For a full list of Blindfold Games, visit:

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