Blindfold Song Name: Improvements (#243)

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Song Name: Improvements

I mentioned Blindfold Song Name in a prior blog – it’s an accessible version of the TV Game show “Name that tune”.  The game plays up to 30 seconds of a song and you pick  the name of the song, or the performer.  The faster you guess, the more points you earn.
feedback image
When testing the first version, people said it was too difficult, and they wanted the game to start out easy, and become progressively harder.  I changed the game to initially offer two choices, and add a third choice in level 2, a fourth in level 3 and so on.
The next complaint was that the music choice – pop music of the last 30 years – was too limiting.  The testers suggested different genres of music: Pop, Rock, R&B, Blues, Hip-hop, Classical, Christian, Holiday, Gospel and so on.  I created music packs for all of those genres.
The younger testers could not recognize older songs, so I created music packs for each of the genres, restricting to the last decade.
With each game I build, after a few months of testing, I quietly release the game in Apple’s App Store, without announcing that it’s available.  Game fans who are always looking for my new games will notice it, and check it out.   Releasing games quietly lets  the game be fully  vetted before thousands of people try it out.  Now over 100 people were testing Blindfold Song Name.
In this expanded testing, I usually receive many suggestions and improvements.  For example, some people wanted to preview the answer choices before hearing the song fragment.  Others wanted bundles of music packs – such as a pack of all decades genres – so they could purchase packs at a lower price.
The game was officially announced in December, and it looks like it will be the most popular Blindfold Game for 2017.
To get Blindfold Song Name, tap here:

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