Blindfold Word Cookies (#245)

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The student’s advancement in mastering skills in these curriculum-based games and interactive simulations will be stored in a private secure cloud, visible to the teachers in a web-based dashboard . 
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Word Cookies

After having created many word games: Hangman, Unscramble, Ladder, Boggle, Word Search, Words from Words, Seven Little Words, I thought I was pretty much done.  Then people started requesting Word Cookie.
chocolate chip cookie
Word Cookie is a popular app on the App Store: it presents a set of letters from which you create words, and you can use the letters multiple times.  For example, if the game presents the letters “W”, “O”, “R” and “D”, you can create the following: WORD, ROW, ROD, WOW and DOOR.
Blindfold Word Cookie comes with about 100 games, where each game is based on cookie names, such as Butter Cookies or Chocolate or Fig, and each game includes about 10 to 20 levels.  Each level gives you a handful of letters from which you must create words.  You need to find about 20 words in each level. All in all, the game has about 1500 puzzles.
Now here’s the hard part.  This is not like Blindfold Words from Words, where any word you come up with using the letters is allowed.  You only get credit for the words that the game wants.  With the letters “S”, “O” and “N”, you get credit for the words SO, ON, NO and SON, but you don’t get credit for the word “SOON”.
That can make this game very frustrating, so we added a hint feature.  When you ask for a hint, it gives you the next letter of an acceptable word that the game wants.  So if you had the letters “E”, “R”, “P” and “N”, and you started a word with “P”, “R”, “E”, and you can’t think of what the next letter should be, asking for a hint would give you the letter “E”.  A second hint would give you the letter “N”, resulting in the word “PREEN”.  Each time you ask for a hint, your score goes down.
The game was a hit with the testers, and we’ve just released it.  To get the game, press here:

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