Blindfold Student Pack 1: Navigation

I recently heard from Lore, a teacher of visually impaired students in a California school district.  She was disappointed that the Blindfold Games are only available as a free download with in-app upgrades.  She mentioned that she wanted to use the games with her students, but in-app upgrades are not eligible for Apple’s educational discount.
Blindfold Student Pack 1 icon
Apple lets schools get a 30% discount when purchasing apps, if they’ve enrolled in Apple’s volume purchase program.  Lore and I talked about which apps should be in a bundle that would be great for schools, and how it should be entitled.  We came up with “Blindfold Student Pack 1: Navigation and Gestures”, and included Blindfold Bop Gesture, Blindfold Sea Battle, Blindfold 3D Tic Tac Toe, and Blindfold Barnyard.
Once we get traction with this pack in school districts, schools for the blind, and agencies that provide services for visually impaired people in the community, we’ll create some additional packs, perhaps focused on memory skills and on sequencing skills.  Dianne Brauner has done a great service by explaining to Teachers of the Visually Impaired  which Blindfold Games are used in different orientation and mobility sessions.
Here’s how you can help Blindfold Games:
If you know people that work in school districts that provide services to visually impaired students, or schools for the blind, or community service organizations, please contact me.
To purchase the Student Pack 1, tap here:

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