Blindfold Racer: Asteroids and Storms!

The original Blindfold Racer – the very first game in the series – had about 35 levels.  It’s a game where you drive with your ears instead of your eyes.
You hold your phone like a steering wheel, turning left or right as you try to stay on the road.  If you travel too far to the left, the music gets louder in your left ear; too far to the right, the music gets louder in your right ear.  To aim for prizes in the middle of the road, you need to center the music equally between your ears.
The first few levels teach you how to drive straight, then to the left, then following a “S” curve.  Then you learn how to avoid animals (cows, horses, frogs), how to get prizes, and finally how to speed up and slow down.
As you move from level to level, you’ll use a jetpack, feed trolls, avoid elephants, cross rivers, escape from the police, fool a bear, defuse a bomb, drive in a rain storm, drive up ramps and over bridges and sail a boat.
Prior to Blindfold Racer Championship a year ago, we added 30 new levels to the game.  If you haven’t played those harder levels, you should try.
You avoid massive forest fires, asteroids, potholes and ice storms.  You have to stay nimble as you navigate much thinner tracks, and cross more rivers and canyons.
To get Blindfold Racer, tap here:

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