Why did we create the Blindfold Games?

I just heard from another blind gamer last night that had a problem with Blindfold Racer. He found a bug; we reproduced it, fixed it and resubmitted a new version to the App Store.
Blindfold Racer Logo
He asked “What inspired you to make this game and your other games? I’m just curious if you don’t mind as I think they are: really cool games“?
In my earliest blogs, I describe how the app was built in a class for 4th to 7th grade students, where we wanted to build something really different, and over the course of about a year, Blindfold Racer was created. Since then, blind gamers have been contacting me with ideas for more games; some we can do, others would take a very long time.
The most rewarding part of this project is when he also said: “I’m really enjoying this game. Just playing previous levels again and again. I always wanted to play a driving game and I couldn’t, so I was so excited when I played this game. I’m using Voice-over’s braille input screen method to type this message to you if you are aware of this feature.”
If you are a fan of our games, tell us, and spread the word to any group that serves visually impaired people. Or better, tell us about that group, so I can reach out to them directly.
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