Blindfold Shape Puzzle

There’s an interesting puzzle game that’s slightly similar to Mind Sweeper that was popular on PCs over the past decade.  Mine Sweeper, one of the first games on Windows,  is a game where you have guess where the bombs are in a 10 by 10 grid,
Blindfold Shape Puzzle Logo
In Shape Puzzle, you must identify the colors of the tiles on the board in as few moves as possible.  All color groups are contiguous – in other words, there will never be a blue tile surrounded by green tiles.  By determining the border between each of the color groups, you’ll know the color of every tile on the board.

For example, consider the colors red, green and blue on a 6 by 6 grid.  Red is the letter “r”, blue the letter “b” and Green the letter “g”.  Since the 36 squares have the same number of each tile color, there are 12 red, 12 blue and 12 green tiles.  They could be laid out as follows, and notice that all the tiles of the same color touch each other.  In other words, you’ll never find single red tile in the middle of the blue tiles.

g g g g g g
r r g g g b
r r g b b b
r r g b b b
r r g b b b
r r r r b b

To solve the puzzle, you’ll make guesses, and use hints.  To move around the grid, swipe up, down, left and right with one finger.  If you previously determined the color, the game tells it to you; otherwise, the game as “unknown”.

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