Blindfold Time Wasting: Blindfold Runner

I received this email a few weeks ago…
“Hey Marty.
Well, I’m officially addicted to Blindfold Runner.
As a visually impaired student, I never understood what the heck my friends were talking about when they said they forgot to do their homework because they got addicted to a game and lost all track of time.
Today, I finally understand the problem. I came home thinking about all the homework I needed to do, but I tried downloading the new version of runner to see if it would download after the problems I had with it before. It did, and I opened it just because I was curious how it was as a game, and now, I’ve been on my bed for an hour straight just playing it. One part of my brain tells me I need to do work, but the other half is not having it. It’s such a relaxing and stress relieving game! 
Right now, the only thing I can think that would improve this game a little is if maybe we could determine how fast we run by walking our fingers on the screen or something.
 This game is absolutely amazing. Well, the teachers might not think so if I don’t get the work done.”
Blindfold Runner is a fully accessible endless runner game inspired by the games like Temple Run. The objective is to keep running, jumping over or sliding under obstacles, turning left and right when needed, and collect prizes. You can play this game forever – there’s no official finish – just try to get the highest score you can before losing.
You can download Blindfold Runner here:

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