Blindfold Games: Profile of a young tester

Jonah from Michigan is 22 years old and is quite the Blindfold Games fan.  He’s help test and improve several of the games, including the latest game: Blindfold Runner.
Jonah picture
“My favorite is Blindfold RS Games, where I can play with other people.  I like Blindfold Bowling and Blindfold Racer – a couple of those levels are almost impossible for me to beat.  I like Blindfold Pool;  I got addicted to that game.
“Blindfold Juggle is really fun – everyone likes bouncing animals around and throwing animals around, or whatever that is.  I like Blindfold Runner – I was one of the testers of that new game.  Blindfold Hopper was fun, but the only thing I didn’t like about it is that you have to be quicker than I am.
“For card games, I like Blindfold Wildcard, Travel Cards, Crazy Eights.  There aren’t many games I don’t like; Blindfold Rummy wasn’t much fun.  For TV Game Shows, I liked Blindfold Deal or Not and Blindfold Feud”.
Jonah is planning on attending college – he wants to design video games.  In his spare time, besides playing Blindfold Games, he watches YouTube and Netflix.
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