Blindfold Games at AER: Day One

Two weeks ago, I attended the recent AER conference in Reno and spoke with dozens of teachers and specialists who work with visually impaired students.
Since I wanted many of the attendees to answer a survey about using games to build skills for their students, I got permission to place the survey information sheet on everyone’s chair, prior to the opening session.  The cost was reasonable.  They told me to bring about 800 brochures.
Here’s how the room looked when I entered it.  It’s a vary large room, well over 1000 chairs – roughly 30 chairs per row, with about 40 rows.
picture showing 1200 chairs
I started around 4:00 in the afternoon, placing a one page brochure on each and every chair.  I took me about an hour; here’s how it looked when I was done:
picture showing the chairs with a single page brochure on them
I watched what people did as they arrived and sat down.  Each attendee read the brochure; some started completing the survey on their phone as they waited for the opening session to begin, others held on to it and talked about it with other attendees, as seen here:
people reading brochure
I would like to thank the hundreds of people who have completed the 3 minute survey.  I’ll give details of what we learned in a future blog, but if you are an orientation and mobility specialist or you work with visually impaired students, please fill out this survey:

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