Blindfold Slots

Over the past four years, I’ve received dozens of requests for a slot machine game.  Since there were several accessible slot machine games already available in Apple’s App Store, building another one didn’t seem to be a good idea.
slot machine
When I received the hundredth request, I decided to build the game.  I evaluated all the accessible slot machine games and then looked at several non-accessible online versions.  Those that were the most fun had mini games – when the slot machine comes up with several special symbols, you can play a mini-game that lets you win even coins.
The first step in building a slot machine game is determining the odds for each wheel combination.  For example, getting 3 single bar symbols usually pays less than getting 3 triple bar symbols.  And of course, it’s more likely to get 3 single bar symbols than to get 3 triple bar symbols.  Most slot machines have 7 to 10 symbols, and the payoff odds range from 1 to 1 (meaning you break even)  to 25,000 to 1.  In most cases, the higher the odds, the less likely you will get that combination.
I built out the first slot machine game called “Red, White and Blue” without a mini-game, and many of the testers liked the game.  The second slot machine game “Flaming Crates” had similar payoffs, but included a mini-game that pops up when you get one or more flaming crates as a symbol.  In the mini-game, you keep picking crates on a separate screen.  Each crate is worth more coins, and you keep picking until you get a crate that is on fire.  That ends the mini-game; you keep the extra coins you won, and resume playing the slot machine.
We’ve created a total of 5 slot machines with different types of mini-games, including Fruit Smoothie, Tropical Safari, Shopping Spree, Magic Hat and Flaming Crates.
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