Blindfold Games: My daughter's voice

I received an email a few months ago about Blindfold Bop Gesture.
blooper image
The Blindfold Bop Gesture game was suggested by the Braille Institute in Los Angeles.
They needed a way to help seniors losing their vision become competent  with the voiceover features of the iPhone.
Bop Gesture is a bop-it style game where you practice iPhone gestures, and the game gets faster and faster.  By the time you’ve completed the highest levels, you are comfortable using all voice over gestures including the rotor.
Here’s the email:
Hi Marty. This game is great! I just finished 38 levels of very hard endless game for a score of 20,238.  Is the young woman the same girl who narrated Blindfold Racer? She is absolutely wonderful in both games. Thanks.
Yes, that’s my daughter’s voice.  She recorded it about a year ago when she was about 16. When she did the voice for Blindfold Racer, she was about 12.  As she’s matured, her voice changed, but she still can express a lot of emotion that makes the games great.
If you haven’t heard the bloopers from Blindfold Racer, here’s a link to the blog with all of the out-takes.

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