Blindfold Games #280: Endless games

I’ve been asked by several people to come up with a list of games that have endless levels – games that keep going on and on.  Some of these games get harder with each level; with others, the difficulty from level to level is the same.
color crush style playing board
The easiest endless game is Blindfold Color Crush.  It’s similar to Candy Crush, where you match three or more gems by swapping one gem with another in a large grid.   The more gems you eliminate, the more points you get, and each new level starts when you’ve cleared 50 gems.  There are dozens of audio gem packs, ranging from color names to holiday names to wild west sounds.
Blindfold Simon is similar to the My Simon toy, where you must repeat a pattern of swipes and taps, and the pattern gets longer with each correct answer.  The game is over when you make a mistake.
Blindfold Flappy is inspired by Flappy Bird:  you fly your bird through a gap in oncoming pipes.    In your left ear, you hear a tone that indicates where your bird is. As the bird drops, the tone drops in pitch. Each time you tap the screen, the tone increases in pitch, as the bird rises.  In your right ear, you hear a tone that indicates where the gap in the pipe is.  As the pipe gets closer and closer to the bird, it’s sound gets louder.  To ensure your bird will make it through the gap, you want the tones in both your ears to be as close in pitch as possible.
Blindfold Bop Gesture is similar to the Bop-it Game, but with swipes and taps, and is often used to teach people voiceover gestures.   It used to end at level 7, but we’re adding an endless mode soon.
Blindfold Hopper is similar to the video game Frogger, and where you tap the screen to hop your frog from one musical lily pad to the next.
Blindfold Pinball is like a pinball machine, and as long as you keep the ball in play, the game continues.  You can earn more balls as your score increases.
Blindfold Runner was inspired by Temple Run. The objective is to keep running, jumping over or sliding under obstacles, turning left and right when needed, and collect prizes. You can play this game forever – there’s no official finish – just try to get the highest score you can before losing.
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