Blindfold Games #286: Council of Schools for the Blind

I was invited to talk to COSB – the Council of Schools for the Blind in Louisville, Kentucky in early October.  About 60 principals and superintendents of schools attended this two day conference.
I started by asking who heard of Blindfold Games: about half the members said they were familiar, and knew about the games from students and teachers.  I described our first game, Blindfold Racer, how it lead to the other 80 games, why they are used by Teachers of Visually Impaired students and Orientation and Mobility specialists, and how this journey has lead us to create a new company, ObjectiveEd,  who mission is maximize educational outcomes.
Many of the principals and superintendents started out as teachers themselves and want to help make the new Expanded Core Curriculum games as great as possible.  We are arranging with several of them to be pilot sites for these educational games.
If you are interested in collaborating with us on these new curriculum-based games, please contact me.
I attended several of the breakout sessions from APH (American Printing House) that were going on at the same time, and learned about accessible STEM programs for students, including efforts by Bridge Multimedia to make the games associated with PBS’s Cyberchase show to be fully accessible by all young students.
And a special shoutout to Joy of COSB: thanks for helping us throughout the conference.

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