Blindfold Doggy

A few years ago, people started asking for a virtual pet game, similar to the Tamagotchi that was created in Japan in 1996 and became one of the biggest toy fads of the 1990s.
This Tamagotchi virtual pet usually had 3 buttons to control the pet, and several digital meters showing levels of happiness, hunger and discipline, and you had to take care of the pet to score points.
Instead of creating a similar game, I decided to create a virtual pet game using a dog.  Having owned several dogs through my life, I know from experience how much love and care a pet needs, and I built that into Blindfold Doggy.
Once you name your dog, he will get your attention by making different sounds: barking, yelping, moaning, whining, scratching, and so on –  to indicate what he needs: wanting to play, going for a walk, needing to pee or poop, being hungry, or being thirsty.  For example, when your dog needs to pee, he’ll start to whine and pant, usually next to the door.
You score points and earn coins as you take care of your dog properly; you lose both when you fail to attend to your dog’s needs.  With the coins, you can buy more dog food, toys, or clothes for your dog.
Your dog needs you even when you aren’t actively in the game; you’ll get a pop-up notification on your iPhone indicating your dog needs attention.  When you tap on the notification, the game resumes, and you can properly care for your pet.
You walk your dog through the park, in town to buy things, or walk along the river.  But don’t take the leash off your dog before he’s trained – otherwise he’ll run away and you’ll lose many points.  Once he’s trained, he might go for a swim, or get in a fight with another dog.
Blindfold Doggy lets you take care of two dogs at the same time, which can be quite tricky.  When you go shipping, you need to buy enough food to feed one dog, and hope they don’t fight over the same toy.
You can download Blindfold Doggy here:

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