Blindfold Greeting Card featured in Perkins Path To Technology

Julie Johnson just reviewed Blindfold Greeting Card and her post is here:


Here’s what Julie wrote:

I love reading about all the new apps that are out on the market for blind adults. As many of my secondary students approach transition, I am continuing to explore accessibility apps for blind adults that my students can use in their everyday lives and relationships.

A recent app I have found that I just love is the “Blindfold Greeting App.” 

The Blindfold Greeting App is free with in-app purchases and upgrades.

The consumer can pick two sounds, a fun pre-recorded sound like dogs barking, balloons popping, etc. followed by a pre-recorded greeting with more accessibility options available after you upgrade. 

The app is intuitive and Voice Over Accessible, my students and I definitely enjoy.

She included a video in her blog where you can listen to the sample card she created.

By the way, for many holidays, I usually receive a handful of greeting cards from fans who created their card with Blindfold Greeting.





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